I met Pamela + Josh at the Lincoln Memorial at sunrise. I am always a HUGE fan of meeting my couples at sunrise. The light is gorgeous! From the Lincoln, we decided to go to Union Station to take a few shots there. Those two iconic DC landmarks are amazing for engagement shoots!

I always always appreciate referrals. Pamela + Josh came to me through the referral of their friends Michelle + Will whom I photographed back in November. I can’t tell you enough how amazing it is to have clients speak good things about my business to their friends. It’s the best and cheapest form of advertising for a photographer! So, keep telling your friends about those awesome vendors and services you love!

I love hearing how my couples meet each other. It’s so amazing to see how people end of falling in love. Josh deserves an award for how he planned to meet Pamela.

They met in May 2011 while intering at the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa. Pamela immediately caught Josh’s eye…because…she’s a fox. So he tried to think of ways to get her attention. As luck would have it, it started raining one day during a group tour. Josh took it upon himself to ask Pamela to share her umbrella with him, which, of course she did. It was then that their friendship started to grow and would later evolve into a relationship. During either their friendship or dating relationship, Josh relieved the truth about why he asked to share her umbrella. You see, Josh HAD an umbrella already, but decided to throw it away so he could have an excuse to talk to her. I mean, so brilliant, right?!?! Well don, Josh, well done!

I hope you enjoy looking through the rest of their engagement pictures!


Lincoln Memorial Sunrise Engagement Session: Pamela + Josh


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