Their first date didn’t go as planned. Sean had a sick feeling in his stomach all day but shrugged it off as nothing really to worry about. He met Lauren on their first date all the while still not feeling great. Towards the end of the date, Sean decided he needed to go home because his sickness had really taken a toll on him. Lauren thought it was weird that he cut it off so early and didn’t really hear back from him for a few days. Lo and behold, Sean’s appendix had burst and he had to have emergency surgery. Poor guy! Talk about a memorable first date! A few year later, they got engaged and now have a story to incorporate in their toasts on their wedding day.

I met them in their apartment for a cozy, in-home shoot with their fur babies, and then we went outside in the hipster part of Shaw neighborhood of DC to get a more city feel.  Sean + Lauren definitely are not hipsters, but it was fun to find a new place to shoot. Check out more of their shoot below!

Jenny B.


Shaw Neighborhood Engagement: Lauren + Sean

engagement session

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