I promised myself I would write a blog when we were on vacation last week. Did it happen? No.

I also promised myself I would work on my new website last week? Did that happen. No.

I even took the time to prepare pictures for a blog and my new website.

But, I relaxed and made memories with my family. So that counts for something, right? Absolutely.

A lot of my couples have met through E-Harmony. Which, I LOVE! Amy + Mark met that way and it’s obvious that it worked very well for them. They then recommended me to another of their couple friends, Lauren + Sean, whom I recently did their engagement shoot and they also met on E-Harmony. So, it works, people! Go sign up, meet the love of your life, get engaged, and then CALL ME!

And, if my brother is reading this (highly doubt he is)…you just wait. Your birthday is coming up. I promise I will sign you up.

Amy + Mark, this blog has been a long time coming. I am so so thrilled to be your photographer for your wedding coming up! I can’t even handle my excitement. 😀 I loved that you were both so giddy with each other. Couples that are best friends with benefits are some of my favorites. Keep being each other’s best friends.

I met Amy + Mark by the Georgetown Waterfront at sunrise. It was the last coldest day we had before Spring finally settled in. They were so awesome and up for anything. Even standing in the dried up Canal. Take a look down below for more of their Georgetown Sunrise shoot!


Georgetown Sunrise Engagement: Amy + Mark


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