Can I mention for a second how much in common I have with this amazing bride?!?  I was so excited to get to know this stunning girl more. She and I are both from Michigan, we both hate winter, and we both love Cedar Point, but hate rollercoasters. Also, she played soccer for University of Michigan (I guess it should be noted that the groom cheers for Ohio State… :-/) AND she’s an ER Dr. Ok, so I didn’t play soccer for U of M, but…GO BLUE and I’m certainly NOT an ER Dr….but, I watched House once. So that counts, right? Sheradyn was SO easy-going about everything. She didn’t let the rain bother her and was up for trudging through muddy grass to get the best spot for pictures. She even let me sneak a sip of her Vodka Tonic, which I was SO thankful for.  I loved every bit about their amazing wedding even though it was a downpour that day. Thankfully, the rain let up just in time for family pictures and bride + groom shots.

Sheradyn + Ryan have such a special love. You could easily tell that by how they looked at each other, they way they held each other so closer during the ceremony, and the way their friends and family cheered and celebrated them on their day. To say they live their lives in a hearty way, would be so accurate. It’s hearty because it’s full. Full of love, laughter, adventures, and they freely and give and receive love without holding anything back.

Their wedding and reception was held in their brand new home in Chesapeake, VA. Everything was executed perfectly despite the rain by the talented Hannah Hildebrandt. Sheradyn + Ryan came in to their reception to the song “Party Up” by DMX which was SO perfect and made their guests so wild! It was such a joy to witness their amazing day filled. Enjoy a little glimpse of what their day was like!


Chesapeake, VA: Sheradyn + Ryan


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