I met Courtney and Leo at Agricultural History Farm Park. It’s the park from a wedding I did with Danny + Tana last August. She saw their blog and decided from their blog that she wanted to book with me. YAY! We had so hoped for more greenery, but like you all know, the weather this Spring was not cooperating. Also, I COMPLETELY forgot my camera on the way to their engagement session. I had all my lenses and everything except my camera. My husband called me on the way to let me know. I was so mad at myself. I hate being late and I hate wasting time. Thankfully, Courtney and Leo understood and were so gracious towards my pregnancy brain. And thankfully, we had SO much light left still.

It was very easy to see that Courtney and Leo are best friends and totally in love. That’s the best kind of relationship, right? They hit it off so quickly on their first date…at least Courtney thought they hit it off. Leo didn’t know they had hit it off until Courtney kissed him at the end of the night. The whole night, he was wondering if she was into him or not…I mean, hey, good for her for playing hard to get, right? Thankfully, that kiss sealed the deal for both of them.

Also, just a tip for all you engaged couples out there, in January, Courtney booked me for her wedding for May 2019. I’m stoked! Since booking her May 25, 2019 wedding, I’ve gotten quite a few other inquiries for that date. So be like Courtney and schedule your photographer before it gets too late and they get booked. When you book early, you have the pick of the litter.

Take a look at their sweet engagement session below! Courtney’s ring is a stunner…also Courtney’s hair…also Courtney. 🙂


Engaged: Courtney + Leo


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