Oh man oh man oh man! Ya’ll…this couple. They are too sweet and so stinking cute, I just CAN’T WAIT for their wedding at Airlie this summer. Can it be July now, Kasey and Ben??? Let’s fast forward, K?

Kasey and Ben met me last Fall for their engagement session at Sky Meadows State Park. And just a fun fact for you all, you definitely need to get a permit to shoot their. We got stopped by a begrudgingly kind ranger. I say begrudgingly because heĀ almost kicked us out. Phew! You all know what an incredibly rainy season we had last year, right? Like, the RAINIEST EVER! But all that rain and moisture can bring some fog (I think, anyway, I don’t know…I’m not a meteorologist). Kasey and Ben met me in the morning and we had the DREAMIEST of fog in the mountains. Oh man, it was gorgeous and made for some stunning photos of the two of them.

Not only did we have dreamy fog, but Kasey and Ben were just so cute! Their relationship is so special and friendly and comfortable. I loved watching them with each other and really can’t wait for their wedding.

Take a look at their engagement photos!


Engaged: Kasey + Ben, Sky Meadow State Park


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