Kelsey + Alex are high school sweethearts. High school. Sweathearts. I just love love love love love that!

I mean, what a blessing that would be to be with the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with from youth. Can you picture being at the end of your lives together when you’re 105 and having ALL that history together? Wow! I hope and pray my kids will find their forever loves at an early age. There have been so many times when I tell Brian a story about my high school days but can’t explain it properly enough because really…he had to be there.
Kelsey + Alex will have that history for so many years to come and I’m so thrilled for them!

We did their sunrise engagement session at Manassas Battlefield when Spring was trying to fight it’s way through Winter.

And you guys, they were literal PROS at being in front of the camera. I mean, ususally when I tell the guy to nuzzle in her ear, he gives me this really weird look for a split second and then goes for it, but Alex just went for it right away. I love how easy they were with each other. I mean, the pictures will speak for themselves. Take a look below!



Engaged: Kelsey + Alex, Manassas Battlefield


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