Cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin are always a popular spot. Like, it gets crazy. If you think tourists in the middle of the day are bad around the basin…try going at sunrise. All the photogs and all the couples are there. And rightfully so! It’s stunning and it’s the best time to go to beat all the tourist. But it’s cold, you guys. SO. Dang. Cold. But you wouldn’t have known it looking at Paisley and Amir. They SLLLAAAAYED their engagement session. I mean, SLAYED! Paisley wore the most perfect dress for their shoot. I mean, the dress should literally be called “THIS IS THE BEST DRESS FOR CHERRY BLOSSOMS ENGAGEMENT SHOOT!” That’s what they should call that dress.

And bonus points! They brought their sweet pup, Beanie and he had a bow tie!

Enjoy all the magic in the photos! I had a blast with Paisley + Amir and was so excited they were up for anything even in the freezing cold.

Don’t you love Paisley’s Opal engagement ring?? Stunning, right?


Engaged: Paisley + Amir, Cherry Blossoms


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