Want to know a fun fact about myself and this bride? I was her counselor at a camp in New Hampshire. For realz! She and her twin sister were in my group a few years in a row and I just LOVED having both of them. They were both so sweet and so in love with Jesus and so great to have in a camp “cabin/group”. I was really blessed to have a lot of great girls when I worked at Monadnock Bible Conference. Some of my absolute favorite memories are there. And now, I get to photograph the wedding of one of “my girls”. I’m a proud camp counselor, for sure.

Sometimes, I hate Facebook and other times, I love it to keep up with girls I’ve counseled or friends I went to college with. I’ve loved keeping up with Rebekah and her sister on Facebook. I’ve loved keeping up with all my girls. I seriously can’t wait for Rebekah and Elliot’s wedding in PA this summer! And, I can’t wait to see her sister, Kym!

I was able to meet Rebekah + Elliot at Manassas Battlefield last month. Elliot’s parents live not far from me, so they were able to come down from Philly so we could do their engagement session. I’m so glad we did. 🙂 Take a look below. Rebekah totally has a model face down. She’s a stunner!




Engaged, Rebekah + Elliot: Manassas Battlefield


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