Rosanna and Kenneth have MAD dancing skills. Like MAD. How do I know that? Well, there were guests from a wedding I shot last year. I had taken a really good sequence of their dancing at Tana + Danny’s wedding that I put them in my sample album I made of that wedding. So…yeah, I’m pretty excited to see them bust out moves at their own wedding this summer. I met Rosanna and Kenneth at the Oatlands Plantation a few weeks ago when it seemed like it was going to be warm, but was actually really windy and really cold. Rosanna wore this stunning green dress because green is her favorite color and rightfully so. It looks so gorgeous on her. I loved shooting their engagement. They were completely in love with each other. When I met Rosanna on our first meeting, she told me all about how thoughtful Kenneth was. He went over and above when he proposed to her by taking her to the zoo and hiring a photographer (not me) to follow them around the whole day. They ended up at a stunning location in Baltimore that over looks the entire city and there he proposed. But, that wasn’t the end of it. He had both of their families hiding watching the whole thing unfold. And the reason for the zoo…Rosanna really likes penguins. He knew she liked them so much that he arranged a private tour AND…ANNNNDD close-up penguin interaction!! I want to play with penguins. Actually, my dream surprise would be swimming with dolphins. But how amazing and thoughtful is that that he arranged all of that!  I love when couples have nothing but the sweetest things to say about each other. Rosanna gushed over him during our meeting and Kenneth gushed over her when I met him for the first time during their engagement session. They are each other’s favorite travel buddies (because they’ve already traveled SO much together) and they both love sporting events.

I’m really so excited for their wedding in July and I can’t wait to see a past 2017 bride and a September 2018 bride.

Check out their engagement session from the Oatlands! We were so hoping it would be more green, but alas, the weather this year is killing us. But I think it all turned out great!



Engaged: Rosanna + Kenneth, Oatlands Plantation


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