Ok, who here loves horses???? Who here once had a monthly magazine subscription to an equestrian magazine even though I was never an equestrian or had any hopes of being an equestrian? Ok, yes, I did. I did. I freaking LOVED horses when I was younger. Still do. All I thought about, wrote about or drew were horses. I was obsessed. So when Erin told me her wedding would be at the farm where she rides, I tried to keep my cool, but inside I was squealing with delight.

Erin and Matt didn’t have a traditional wedding and they told me that up front during our first meeting. They didn’t have a bridal party and they wanted their wedding to be focuses on the guests and them enjoying themselves at the party. They mentioned that immediately after the ceremony, the party was starting. All the guests walked with the bride and groom down to the reception tent and the party got started under the stars. Yes, the dance floor was literally under the stars and twinkly lights.¬†And because they did a first look AND there was no bridal party, we had tons of time to do a lot of bride and groom portraits…and of course, we had to include Erin’s horse in the pictures.

It was such a fun wedding and you’ll see from all the joyful emotions of not only the bride + groom, but also their guests.


Erin + Matt: Horse Farm Wedding


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