“I must have flowers, always, and always.”

– Claude Monet

Who doesn’t love flowers? Who doesn’t love receiving flowers out of nowhere just because? No one, really. Flowers add so much life and color to your wedding day. They can really set the tone for the color palette and the theme of your wedding. Are you a classic bride that loves an elegant shape full of white flowers? Are you a colorful bride that wants a unique side sweeping shape of flowers with a bunch of different colors and textures? Don’t skimp on your flowers for your wedding day. They play just as an important role as does your catering.

Looking back on my wedding day there are a ton of things I would do differently. I didn’t love my dress. I didn’t love my hair. I didn’t love Brian’s suite. But, I had no choice in his suit decisions. But any time I look at a picture of my flowers, I always think…I LOVED my flowers. My bouquet was full of so many flowers I loved and had a sentimental value with, and there was this added pop of color with the yellow Dragon Balls. It was perfect. I loved my flowers. And I really loved that there were flowers in my bouquet I that were connected to some of my memories. There were Hydrangea’s in my bouquet because we had a Hydrangea bush in our backyard growing up. It was so colorful and lush. I wish you could get Lilacs all year round because those definitely would’ve been in my bouquet. We also had a Lilac bush next to the Hydrangea bush and the sweet smell of Lilac comes back to me every year. What’s a favorite flower of yours that brings you good memories?

So, I’m here to show you all my favorite wedding florals from my 2017 wedding season. I wish I could tag all of the florists involved, but I don’t know all of them. If you see any you like, click on the florist’s link and check them out. I’m so thankful to have been able to work with so many amazing creative florists in the DMV area.

I absolutely LOVED Amy’s succulent bouquet. I hope this is one wedding trend that stays around for a long time!


Don’t you love the handle on her bouquet? It was so unique and easy for her to carry.


I LOVED all the whites and greens in Sheradyn’s bouquet. It was so perfect for her. Check out Kelly Gish Floral Design. Kelly is an amazing florist in Virginia Beach area. Go check out her work!

Tana had masterpieces on her tables at the reception. It was so gorgeous and went perfectly with her garden theme wedding.


Oh, this colorful DIY bouquet was perfect for Karina and Luke’s backyard wedding. All these colors gives me all the feels!

Can we talk about this masterpiece by Eight Tree Street Florals for a hot second??? SO. Freaking. AMAZING! I had left overs for WEEKS after this shoot, and I didn’t mind one bit.

Anyone notice the gorgeous The King Protea in there?

Ok, Amy’s bouquet was…I mean…so lush and so full of texture with the succulents and hydrangeas and the magnolia leaves? Westwood flowers in Fredericksburg, VA did an amazing job at capturing all the greenery that was in Amy’s color palette.

The bride added a sweet tribute in her bouquet by using her dad’s shirt cuff as her bouquet holder in memory of him. Love that.

Oh, and Lisa from Petals and Promises. She was the one that referred Maria and Brian to me and I’m ever so grateful to her for giving them my name! I loved the classic white bouquet for Maria and touches of pink for her bridesmaid.

Thank you again to all the amazing florists I’ve gotten to work with in 2017! I can’t wait to see who I get to work with again or for the first time in 2018.


Jenny B.


Favorite 2017 Flowers


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