“She believe she could…so she did.” – R.S. Grey

If you’ve seen my latest Instagram post, then you’ll know I’m getting antsy.

January is such a SLOOOOOW month. Like, for reals, HOW is it STILL January!?? How is this month NOT over yet?

Usually, every year in January I start to get antsy. I’m not outside. I’m not doing a ton of shoots. I’m mostly caught up on things and it’s cold and gloomy. In January, I start to scheme of shoots I’d love to do in the future, or how my living room furniture should be redone, or how to put up art in our house…or how to make my OWN art. I need an outlet in January. I need something to let my creativity out.

So today, I took the kids to Trader Joe’s for groceries. We all love TJ’s, right? Well, I love them even more now that they have flowers that you can put together yourself. You don’t have to choose from the bouquets they set up. You can pick and choose your own flowers. I only had a quick minute in the store because…kids. But I took home two bunches of Ranaculous’, some gorgeous roses, and Eucalyptus leaves and I started making my own bouquet. I really have no idea what I’m doing when I put flowers together, but I like how they turned out.

I’m a firm believer that if you want something done and nothing is happening to get it done, then do it yourself. Teach yourself, call the right people, learn how to get it done and it will be done. (sidenote: I did this once already this week…our neighborhood has the WORST playground, so I called our HOA to see about getting a new one…and they just need funds. Ugh. Also, our street light lamp has been out FOREVER, so I mentioned that to our HOA as well, and they will fix it. I would’ve fixed it myself, but I need the tools)

I want to paint, or shoot something, or make something, or make my business move further. But I can’t do any of that when I’m standing still waiting for things to happen, waiting for clients to get back to me (sidenote: don’t ghost the vendors you’ve reached out to…get back to them and just let them know you’ve gone in another direction…it sucks, but it helps SO much.). I can’t wait for my next wedding to take more pictures. I’m excited to work now. And yes, I know rest is good, but I just need to try something out and see what works for me so that I’m more prepared for the next wedding, the next engagement shoot, the next event. I want to be prepared. Also, I may be procrastinating on things I don’t want to do (taxes…pricing guides…etc…). I’ll get those done eventually, but I was inspired this morning when I made my bouquet. So I took my camera out and took pictures of it and then I got more inspired to do some shoes shots. These are the only nice pair of shoes I own so I styled them. I wanted to do something, so I made it happen.

Anyway, below is my final product. What do you think?


Get Moving


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