Did you all know about President Lincoln’s Cottage in DC? I had no idea it was there! It’s gorgeous and has so much history on that site. It was there that Lincoln developed the Emancipation Proclamation! And it still houses veterans. I think they said the oldest veteran to live there still is over 100 years old! Crazy, right? You can also do weddings at this location.

Well, it was totally perfect for Kathy and Reynold’s intimate wedding. They chose to have a smaller wedding party of just Kathy’s kids. Kathy and Reynold have been together for many years and in the words of Kathy’s sister, “it’s about time this wedding happened.” Oh man, they were the absolute CUTEST! They were so giddy and cuddly to each other all day long. There wasn’t any formal reception in terms of dancing. Instead of that, they chose to hang out with their guests and listen to their favorite musician, Bob Schneider, who apparently has a cult following in Texas.

OH! And they had the most perfect Fall weather for their wedding. The best touch that they added to their outdoor ceremony was hot cider (with or without liquor). Can we please go back to that day?

Thanks to Lisa Mihn with Chancey Charms for planning such a gorgeous wedding!

I LOVE this one of Kathy’s son seeing her for the first time!!!

Every girl: IT HAS POCKETS!!!

Those blooms though!! They were so stunning and so perfect for a Fall wedding.


Kathy looked so regal!

One of my absolute favorites!!!

I don’t normal post family pictures, but there were so many candid moments while we were getting everyone together to do family portraits. I love these two with Reynold’s mom.

I don’t shoot film, but I do try to get my images to LOOK like film and this photo of Kathy’s smile and the sun just has my heart all fluttering.



Kathy + Reynold: President Lincoln’s Cottage


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