Welcome to my new home for Jenny B Photography. Pretty, isn’t it? We decided to give my work a new home because my old website just wasn’t explaining very clearly who I was and what my style of photography is and how I go about shooting a wedding. I am absolutely in LOVE with this new home. It showcases my brand so much better and you can get to know who Jenny is behind the camera. This is my favorite page. 🙂

You may have seen on my Instagram post this morning that I am celebrating my new home by doing a giveaway. One thing I forgot to mention in the giveaway this morning is that it is applied to married couples as well! So feel free to tag yourself and your married friends for a chance to win an Anniversary Session!

This blog is where I have a super fun giveaway for everyone else! So thanks for checking it out.

I love to read! I rarely have time to read, but when I do, it just enjoy it so much that it is literally hard for me to put down a good book. I will loose sleep because I can’t put the book down. My husband recently got me a Paper Kindle for Mother’s Day and it was the best gift ever! It’s an amazing gift because 1. I get to read more! and 2. I hate clutter so not having to buy a physical book and then just have it sitting on my bookshelf taking up space is amazing!

The first book I bought on my Kindle was a sequel to Kathleen Grissom’s book The Kitchen House. Her sequel Glory Over Everything was just like the first book, it kept me wanting more and more and it kept me crying. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. But those two books of hers have quickly become my favorites. And they both cover something that I absolutely love…historical fiction. And bonus points for the scene being set in Virginia. I love taking a drive down Virginia country roads pretending that these were the roads her characters would ride their horses on. I just finished the book Wonder which is going to be a movie in November. Another great tear-jerker. (Apparently, I like to cry when I read)

So for this giveaway, I’ll be giving one lucky a winner a new Kindle! The giveaway ends Sunday night, July 30 at 8pm! I love that I can giving something to someone that I have enjoyed so much and have gotten so much use out of. Plus, I know a ton of photographer friends that love to read business books and I have a ton of friends that just love to read period. If that’s you, all you have to do is fill out the question below about what you’re reading now/your favorite book. This is mostly a selfish giveaway. I just want good book suggestions. 🙂

Ok, I can’t wait to hear what you’re reading!


Jenny B.

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Kindle Giveaway


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