This wedding is a specially close to my heart. You guys, the bride was one of my campers when I was a counselor at a camp in New Hampshire. During my college years, I spent a few summers in New Hampshire working at a camp. It was the BEST JOB EVER! I loved every bit of it. The camp was mostly a day camp for little kids, but for two weeks in August, it was a teen over-night camp. I worked there from 2003-2008 and most years, during teen camp, I would get the same girls each year (they asked for me). There were a few years that I got Rebekah and her twin sister Kim. They were the sweetest of girls and sisters. And they told each other they loved each other every night before they went to sleep.

Well, when Rebekah reached out to me about knowing some photographers, I totally jumped at it! Luckily enough, her venue was only an hour away from my inlaws in NJ so I could stay with them that weekend. It was so so so sweet and neat to see one of my girls marry such a sweet guy. It was an answered prayer. I can’t remember specifically, but I’m SURE we stayed up some nights talking about guys during camp. Elliot is perfect for Rebekah. They both have such a calm, friendly spirit about them. They are both easily approachable, and I just loved being a part of their wedding.

And seriously, when I tell you it was the RAINIEST WEDDING SEASON EVER…I’m NOT kidding. Their wedding was supposed to be outside at Historic Stonebrook Farm, but due to all the rain, it had to be moved inside. It wasn’t even raining that bad when I arrived for the day, but as soon as we stepped outside for the first look, it poured and did not stop at all. Thankfully, Rebekah + Elliot and the whole bridal party were cool with it all. I literally stood in a rushing creek and an incredibly muddy corn field to get some of the pictures, but it’s all worth. Yeah for rain boots! Brides, don’t ever worry about rain on your wedding day. I’m always up for getting pictures outside still if you are!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Rebekah + Elliot’s day! I sure loved reliving it. 🙂


Married: Rebekah + Elliot, Historic Stonebrook Farm


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