When I found out I was pregnant last March, I knew I needed to hire an assistant to help me with bags and such during my weddings. Weddings are a ton of work being on your feet for 12 hours NOT being pregnant. So you can imagine the kind of toll it would take while being pregnant. I was huffing and puffing just going up our stairs in our townhouse.

So, I put it out on my Instagram that I needed to hire an assistant for the year and Cady responded willingly and quickly.  It just so happened that she was available for most of my weddings! She’s also super killer at her own photography with her cute family so it worked for her to be my assistant and learn about what it takes to be a wedding photographer. I loved having her around and it was the BIGGEST help to me when she ran around like crazy carrying all my bags and helping my couples. I seriously could not have done this year without her. I’m pretty sure she ran around more than me on wedding days. I’m so thankful she came on to help me last year!
During the summer, she and her husband came out to Seven Oaks Lavender Farm to do a mini session with me. If anyone wants to get a lavender farm session next year, let me know! Lavender only grows for a short while during the summer.

Cady, thanks so much for all your hard work last year! You saved my butt!



Seven Oaks Lavender Farm: Cady + Alan


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