I hate snow. I hate winer. I hate being cold. Don’t get me wrong though. I like snow on the first day it falls. It’s romantic and cozy. I hate it the day after though. I hate the cold wind, shoveling out everything, the wet slush, putting on billions of layers…the after math of it all is the worst.

But on this day 8 years ago, I didn’t hate it. You see, it was the first major snow storm in DC in YEARS! Snowmaggedon, they called it. I don’t remember how many feet of snow we actually got, but it was SO MUCH. And when you lived on Capitol Hill, 4 blocks from the Capitol, with all your friends in a walking distance away, it was actually really fun. I remember waking up that morning excited for the first time in a long time! I rushed into my roommates room and woke her up obnoxiously. Finally, we got dressed and walked ourselves to Starbucks. The snow was coming down hard and the city was quiet and peaceful.

I had a blind date at 2pm. I wasn’t really thinking much of it. We decided to meet at a coffee shop by Union Station; a 10 minute walk for me without snow. Before 2pm came, I played in the snow with my friends and got dressed and enjoyed the day with my roommates. Finally, 2pm rolled around and as I walked out of our house to get to my car, I saw how my car was literally buried in the snow. There was no way I was going to shovel it out. Also, I didn’t have a shovel. So I called him and told him I couldn’t get my car out. He told me that he was already at the coffee shop and had been there for a few hours already. Well, I can’t back out on him now! He’s been there a while. So, I put my Michigan big-girl pants on and decided to walk THIGH HIGH in the snow. The whole way there was a work out. “This guy better be worth this”, I muttered under my breath during my walk.

Finally, I got to the coffee shop and see him sitting there on the phone. After I went to the bathroom to collect myself (and my hair), he told me he was on the phone trying to find another meeting place that was closer to my house. Sweet, right? He then told me he lived in Alexandria and DROVE to the garage where his office was and then walked the rest of the way. Mind you, his shoe choice was not conducive to the weather we were having that day. He was wearing Sperries.

We sat and talked for about 3 hours. When we realized it was getting dark, he walked me home and we were both kind of sad that the date was coming to an end. I invited him to the Christmas party I was going to that night, but he already had plans with his friends. So, he asked if he could call me again and I said yes. When I walked into my house, all my roommates were there and saw a big smile on my face. “He’s the one, isn’t he?” one of them asked. “Yep, I believe he is”, I said.

Since that day, we started dating and got engaged in May 2010 and then got married in September 2010. I don’t believe in love at first sight. But I do believe in instant connections and God’s perfect timing.

I’m so thankful for that snowy day 8 years ago and I’m so thankful I put my Michigan big-girl pants on and decided to trudge through thigh-high snow. It was the most perfect day to meet my future husband.


That one snowy day…


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